TECH's complete line of Uni-Seal Ultra repairs (one piece) plug/patch combination units and Uni-Seal Ultra stems (two piece) continue to set the industry standard for quality and reliability. Uni-Seals provide a fast and permanent repair of bias and radial motorcycle, passenger, light truck, truck and tractor tire repairs.

TECH cross-weave reinforced Uni-Seal MAX repairs provide simple, quick and safe repair of commercial truck, agricultural, industrial and small Off-the Road radial tires. Uni-Seals can be ordered with grey cushion gum for chemical cure applications or with Thermacure gum for heat cure applications. A lead wire inserted into each Uni-Seal and stem makes for easy insertion of the repair unit into the injury. TECH Uni-Seal Ultra repairs were the first repairs in the world to pass the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations) 139 Endurance Test!

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