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IP8150 - 4.5″ Diamond Grinding Wheel

Item Number: IP8150
LN Item Number: 101-130-21604
UPC Code: 893509003111
Unit of Measurement: EA
Shelf Life: N/A


4.5″  3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheel

The 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheels revolutionized the abrasives industry. Through the use of a unique core bonding technology, these grinding wheels last longer and outperform with far less sparks and odor than traditional grinding wheels for fast cutting, back cutting, gully grinding and bead finishing.

With three different cutting areas on each wheel, the 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheels grind, cut and undercut is revolutionary tire and conveyor belt repair technology! Great for skiving and section repair of Commercial Truck and OTR Tires, as well as conveyor belts. Removes damaged steel faster, cleanly, and with minimal scorch!

Runs cooler to prevent scorched rubber. Extremely thin design allows for precision cutting. Lasts 60 times longer than other grinding tools.

Features and Benefits: Outperform standard grinding wheels; maintain diameter, last longer and cut faster Core bonding technology increases wheel life a minimum of 2,000% (20X) by exposing the full diamond particles which provides maximum grinding performance.
Access hard-to-reach areas
Low sparks, odor and debris
Saves time and cost
For 5/8″, 11 thread Angle Die Grinders

Max speed is 30,000 rpm
Industrial Diamond Abrasive Material

IP8150 Diamond Grinding Wheel